Saturday, November 26, 2016

Adolescent Stressors

The current national data on the American Adolescent indicates that anxiety and depression numbers are increasing for ages 12 - 18 (6.3 million teens have an anxiety disorder; and, 3 million teens had at least 1 major depressive episode in 1 year).

The key factors attributing to adolescent stressors are (1) feeling overwhelmed; (2) hyperconnectivity from social media and technology (developing brains need rest); and, (3) school pressure - competitiveness in schoolwork and activities, concern about college and future careers. The study concluded this is the "1st generation that can't escape their problems at all."

With such statistics and more in-school cases of anxiety, I worked with several creative, informed and talented 6th graders to produce a presentation which was well received by the entire 6th grade class. The key categories addressed were academic, after school activities, friends, family and technology/social media. Healthy, coping strategies were offered and audience participation was encouraged after the powerpoint presentation.

The presenters were: Abby Hattoy, Becca Kilday, Emily O'Brien, Eve Podraza and Tess Zurawski who did a fabulous job in role modeling and reaching their peers with this very important topic and life skill.

Please view the presenters' powerpoint presentation: