Thursday, April 6, 2017


Dear EWG Community:

Here's the most recent video created and produced by STUDENT VOICE on the most popular forms of social media and its latest statistics.  Our junior high students work in collaboration with senior high students from EWG's TV Tel station to provide this community communication about key issues within the junior high.

Enjoy the show!!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

6th Grade Parent Night

Dear 6th Grade Parents:

Please join us for an introductory overview of your child's transition to the junior high on May 8th!  Our objective is to provide information and support to help you navigate this major development period in your child's academic career.

The highlight of the evening is our Panel of Parents who share their own junior high experiences, lessons learned, humor and wisdom to provide you with an even better perspective of you and your child's life in the junior high.

This evening is devoted to our 6th Grade Parents only.  Our 6th grade students will have an all day visit to the junior high on May 25th.

Hope to see you on May 8!!  Here's the event details:  


Monday, May 8, 2017
6pm - 7:30pm
EWG Junior/Senior Auditorium

Any questions, please contact Catherine Murray
Middle School Counselor 397-6898 x 219

Friday, March 31, 2017


6th Grade Hospitality Attendants

Our annual Creative Arts Night was a fabulous success this year with over 580 adults and students in attendance!!  Along with my colleagues and co-founders of this gala event (Mrs. LaFrenage - Art Teacher and Stacy Place, Band/Chorus Director), our vision is always to create an evening spotlighting the creative arts of our Metcalf students within a gallery type ambiance.  Our other main objective is to provide an environment for our parent community to feel welcome and relaxed as they stroll the hallways admiring the various student artifacts and activities.  

Our administrators and faculty members, such as Mrs. Ratigan, Mrs. Fish, Mr. Buco and his wife, Mrs. Pucino, Mrs. McWeeney, Mrs. Brodeur, Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Skaggs, Mrs. Bouchard, and Mrs. Lebreque also contributed to the magical transformation of the school for this special after school experience.  In addition, many of our student band/chorus students provided the musical portion of the program.  

Above all, I'd like to pay tribute to our hardworking "6th Grade Student Hospitality Attendants" for their efforts in making this night such a splendid success. We could not run the program without their help and support.  Over the past several weeks, I provided hospitality training to these students who voluntarily worked during their lunch/recess times in order to enhance their leadership and etiquette skills.  Please enjoy the following photos of our 6th grade attendants in action:  

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Dear EWG Parents and Community:

So many THANKS for such a fabulous turn-out last evening for our final showing of SCREENAGERS!!  Over 50 individuals attended and it was another very engaging, interactive and supportive event for all involved!!

Our appreciation also goes out to our superintendent, administrators and PTA members for backing and advertising this effort.

The overriding message is that we, as a community (parents and school), need to continue this conversation of how best to integrate technology for the safety and balanced wellbeing of all our students.