Friday, March 31, 2017


6th Grade Hospitality Attendants

Our annual Creative Arts Night was a fabulous success this year with over 580 adults and students in attendance!!  Along with my colleagues and co-founders of this gala event (Mrs. LaFrenage - Art Teacher and Stacy Place, Band/Chorus Director), our vision is always to create an evening spotlighting the creative arts of our Metcalf students within a gallery type ambiance.  Our other main objective is to provide an environment for our parent community to feel welcome and relaxed as they stroll the hallways admiring the various student artifacts and activities.  

Our administrators and faculty members, such as Mrs. Ratigan, Mrs. Fish, Mr. Buco and his wife, Mrs. Pucino, Mrs. McWeeney, Mrs. Brodeur, Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Skaggs, Mrs. Bouchard, and Mrs. Lebreque also contributed to the magical transformation of the school for this special after school experience.  In addition, many of our student band/chorus students provided the musical portion of the program.  

Above all, I'd like to pay tribute to our hardworking "6th Grade Student Hospitality Attendants" for their efforts in making this night such a splendid success. We could not run the program without their help and support.  Over the past several weeks, I provided hospitality training to these students who voluntarily worked during their lunch/recess times in order to enhance their leadership and etiquette skills.  Please enjoy the following photos of our 6th grade attendants in action:  

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